It’s time for Superhero training!

Our real live superhero will take the kids through a series of superhero training activities & games teaching them how to:

* Have the speed of a superhero

* Have the Strength a superhero

* Fight crime like a superhero

* Unleash powers like a superhero

* To know your Enemy like a super hero

* Save the day like a superhero

and of course how to have FUN like a superhero!


* Adventure Time is suitable for all ages and genders

* This incursion requires a large open space area – covered & weatherproof

* Asking the children to dress up as their favourite superhero for this incursion really adds to the excitement

* All necessary equipment is supplied by Stardom Entertainment

* Stardom Entertainment maintains a cover of $20,000,000 in Public & Products Liability Insurance


Are your little superheroes ready for the challenge?